BCOZZY Chin Supporting Journey Pillow- Ergonomic Neck Cushion for Neck Ache Reduction in Airplane, House, Workplace, Automotive- Grownup Measurement, Black


BEST CHIN SUPPORT NECK CUSHION- BCOZZY’s ALL-IN-ONE features are unrivaled: ADJUSTABLE chin support, BUILT-IN SNAP STRAP for easy transport, and fully machine washable for EASY CLEANING. The BCOZZY pillow is the BEST chin support travel neck pillow on the market made of premium quality materials for superior comfort when sleeping and resting.
SUPPORTS HEAD AND PROVIDES NECK and SHOULDERS PAIN RELIEF: Ergonomically designed neck cushion provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure on the cervical spine and promotes healthy posture while sitting. The NARROW BACK does not push your head forward and prevents you from waking up with a sore neck. Supports recovery from cervical spine fusion, eye, and nasal surgeries, deviated septum fix, pinched nerve, neck support during chemo treatments, and other back and neck issues.
GREAT FOR HOME & OFFICE USE, DRIVING & TRAVELING. Great for the home especially if you doze off while watching TV or falling asleep in a recliner, or wheelchair use, office power naps, daily commute by train or bus, car travels. Fully machine-washable for easy cleaning and built-in snap strap for easy transport.

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